Most paper is a mixture of different types of pulp, each giving different characteristics. Wheat Straw pulp from the Phoenix Process™ has physical characteristics that are comparable to hardwood and superior to recycled fiber.


Due to the milder technology used, the process is done at lower temperature without high pressure tanks. This results in using significantly less energy and lower cost of ton to produce. 20 million KWh less electrical usage which is the equivalent energy to power 3,000 homes.

Other Facts:

Process uses between 1/8th and 1/10th the water of a traditional wood pulping process

Washington Department of Ecology has permitted the process as a minor source impact on air. A traditional wood pulp mill utilizes sulfur compounds resulting in NOX & SOX emissions and resulting permitting, controls and regulations. The Phoenix Process is sulfur free thus no traditional pulp mill odors

A mill utilizing the Phoenix Process will have minimal discharge with the process water being recycled or going out as an additional product. Additionally there is minimal solid waste

Because the basic raw material is a waste product and due to the low impact of the process (energy use, chemical usage and fiber yield), operating costs are a fraction of the competing wood fiber mills (between 50 and 60% of their costs)

Dayton Pilot Plant

Dayton Pilot Plant

The Dayton Pilot plant has a pulp production of two tons per day with both bleached and unbleached capabilities.

Recent upgrades to the pilot plant allowed for increased production and bleached capabilities and has the ability to run many types of biomass.

 Lignin Lab

Lignin Lab

The SFT Lignin lab is home to a group of scientists who are continually working on valorization and product development utilizing the Co-Product from the Phoenix Process. A wide range of products from dust abatement on dirt road, fertilizer, to biopolymer development of Polyhydroxy alkoanates and biobased polyurethane have been developed.

Co-Products from Sustainable Fiber Technologies


Above are just two of the products being made utilizing the Phoenix Process™.

The Lignin Lab has a wide range of equipment for manufacture of new products and separating the coproduct into separate streams. This is completed by the use of the New Logic VSEP membrane separation technology which can sample macro molecules down to materials with a molecular weight as low as 50 Dalton units.